About us

The BitShares Music Foundation was created with the purpose of launching the BitShares Music Platform, pre-selling the Notes, and distributing the pre-sold Notes. The Foundation will also oversee the development of BitShares Music with the funds raised during the pre-sale.

For more information please continue reading and carefully consult the Notes Product Purchase Agreement and Terms and Conditions. The BitShares Music Foundation, a non-profit organization, will be launching the BitShares Music blockchain shortly. It’s unit is the Note and it is the only way to interact with this blockchain. For the network to thrive, there must be an active ecosystem of users using Notes. To ensure this happens, the foundation will issue out 20% of Notes in a pre-sale. All Note sales are to be done in Bitcoin, from an address you control, not from an exchange.

People interested in acquiring Notes – which will allow them to use the BitShares Music blockchain – can do so with Bitcoin through the Pre-Sale. This sale will help the Foundation fund the continued development of the software platform.

Once the initial batch of Notes is created in the genesis block – the go-live date of the software platform – people who have purchased Notes in the pre-sale will be able to claim their product.

Notes are NOT an investment in a venture. They are not equity in a corporation, nor stock. A Note does not come attached with any rights whatsoever. They are merely the tokens and the fuel necessary to operate the BitShares Music platform which is an open source decentralized software. Notes do not represent any stake, ownership, nor interest whatsoever in the Foundation or any other legal entity or business venture.

The Foundation is merely launching the BitShares Music blockchain which has the Note distribution pre-recorded in the genesis block. When you send funds to the Foundation’s Bitcoin address, you are purchasing tokens that will enable you to use the BitShares Music blockchain when it launches, nothing more.